• City of Angels textured wall
  • City of Angels mould making
  • City of Angels chaise upholstery
  • City of Angels stencil

City of Angels

Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts
Date: March 2014

Bernie Grant Arts Centre, London

About this Project

As scenic artist and prop maker I used greyscale tones, texturing and stencils to create the film-noir style as well as costing for materials and paint.

City of Angels greyscale woodgrain paint sample

I collected many reference images and created sample boards to achieve the realistic wood-grain and distressed effects.

Many of the props needed to be made from scratch which required building, casting silicone moulds and basic uphosltery skills.

“ This production was very prop heavy, with a highly stylised design aesthetic, in which Billy had great awareness from the beginning. ”
Jessica Banting, Designer