• Spring Awakening performance
  • Spring Awakening set construction
  • Spring Awakening gauze
  • Spring Awakening green chairs

Spring Awakening

Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts
Date: February 2014

Bernie Grant Arts Centre, London

About this Project

Being my first lead scenic artist role I was keen to put all the practices I'd learnt to full effect. It was my first time working with gauze and mirror finishes.

Spring Awakening tarnished mirror silver metallic paint sample

Here is a sample board I made, achieving the tarshied mirror effect using seven layered washes clearly labelled for the other painters.

For durability, the green chairs had three coats of the base, green and glaze to ensure the finish lasted for the entire run, minimising matinence.

“ Clearly committed to his work, Billy goes above and beyond in order to get the best results for the show. ”
Fiona Scott-Lockyer,
Production Manager